Author Topic: The Classic Yaesu FT101ZD MK2  (Read 109 times)


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The Classic Yaesu FT101ZD MK2
« on: September 12, 2021, 03:46:38 pm »
One of my all time favourite Yaesu transceivers, the FT101ZD MK2. Sadly I sold this a little over a year ago, It wasn't in perfect working ordered when I purchased it. The frequency counter suffered from the common problem of a failed numeric. The fix was pretty straight forward, and required a replacement driver IC to the 7 segment display that didn't work.

Also output power was low on 80mtrs, this again is another common issue when operators who aren't familiar with these type of Hybrid Transceivers fail to load the PA stage correctly. Sometimes this can be a very costly mistake. However in this case the LPF shunt capacitors in the PI Network output stage took the brunt of the mismatch.

The MK2 operated from 160m - 10m, where 10m is slit over 4 band selections. It did lack some bands like 60m and 17m for example.

Operating modes are SSB, CW(W/N) and AM. Modulation was very acceptable in all modes, however AM lacked the quality I'm used to with "High Level Plate" or "Heising Choke" modulation, but still way better than some modern "Rice Boxes".

In all honestly the best of the HF transceivers that worked will in AM disappeared shortly after the 90's

All-in-all these transceivers are very collectible and used widely around the world to this very day, and if you find a good one, "Keep Hold Of It!"

Below are some photos of my FT101ZD






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