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FT100 11m ('wideband') mod
« on: September 18, 2021, 09:19:28 pm »
The details for modding the Yaesu FT100 to include 11m are readily available on the net, with the mod details having being posted on several sites (eg

The instructions are perfectly clear so I won't repost those here. But exactly the same details (verbatim) and picture are used in the reposts. One slight problem is that the picture used isn't very clear, and one other thing to note is that the jumper must be unsoldered. Those are lead-free joints, so a hot iron is needed. My 40w iron made easy work of it (ish) but it does need some encouragement. A bit of switch cleaner and a cotton wool bud then cleaned up the debris afterwards.

I suspect most FT100's internal lithium cells (CR2025/2032) will, like mine, have completely run down by now. However, I can confirm that the mod holds even with a run-down memory battery (so the mod must flash the ROM). I will replace the battery some other time: I use memory a lot on other bands and to tune the '15' on the end of the UK FM channels (ie on VFO), I have to switch to USB, alter the step, and hop back. But here are instructions for the battery change in case those are useful:

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