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PMR Frequencies
« on: September 09, 2021, 03:32:02 pm »
UK PMR Frequency allocations, with a brief summary on regulations and use:


Ofcom Regulations: Analogue and Digital PMR446 channels

Analogue PMR446 equipment has sixteen 12.5 kHz channels spaced equally between446.0 to 446.2 MHz.

Digital PMR446 equipment has sixteen 12.5 kHz channels and / or thirty-two 6.25 kHz channels. These channels are spaced equally between 446.0 to 446.2 MHz. As the thirty-two 6.25 kHz channels overlay the sixteen 12.5 kHz channels it is possible that operation nearby within one channel could cause harmful interference to another, e.g. transmissions within 6.25 kHz channels 1 & 2 could affect 12.5 kHz channel 1, and vice versa.

PMR446 Base Stations

Both Analogue and Digital PMR446 equipment must be used on a mobile basis only for it to meet the licence-exempt operation requirements within the UK.

Please note that PMR446 equipment that is designed for base station use, or mobile equipment that is configured as a base station, e.g. as an Internet Gateway, is unlikely to meet the licence exempt operation requirements.
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