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How To Add Nets Or Skeds
« on: September 11, 2021, 05:23:42 pm »
This section is now updated by Admins and Moderators.

How to add your Net or Sked.

Please contact either an Admin or Moderator to add your local Net or Sked. This must only be submitted by a chairman or member of a specific net. Below lists the required information needed.

Net / Sked Name:
Location (Central City or Town if covering a large area):
Frequency / Channel:
Website or Facebook Group:
Logo(s) and Banners URL:

Updating Net / Sked Information

If you need to update any information regarding your Net or Sked, please contact either an Admin or Moderator. All updated information is verified before being changed.

Reporting Inactive Net / Skeds

Sometimes Nets or Skeds do become quiet for a while, and in some sad cases fade away into obscurity. If this is the case for any listed within this board, please contact a Moderator. All reports are verified if possible before being removed.

Removing a Net ot Sked

If a chairman or active member of a Net or Sked wishes to have information removed from this board, please contact the Admin Team. All requests are firstly verified before being removed.

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