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[UK] Southern & South-East PMR Net - 67cms
« on: September 10, 2021, 07:12:21 pm »
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Day: Monday
Time: 8pm
Channel: 14 / 446.16875 Mhz

Below statements provided from a quote by Mike 26CT1074.

The net has been running now for almost four years, and is based in East/West Sussex.

Initially, the net started on Channel 8 (unofficial 'calling' channel) but recently we moved the net to the higher frequencies of the PMR band and now its on Channel 14 (446.16875 MHz).

Due to the short range on PMR, there is a limit of distant stations but we have successfully worked in stations from Wiltshire/Hampshire/Isle of Wight/Berkshire/London/Middlesex/Essex/Surrey and Kent. When the Tropo is running good, we've worked in stations from France & Belgium too!

During the past year,  there is on average 18 stations calling into the net each Monday night.

Although that number lowers during the Winter months.

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