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Antenna Discussion Board / Wire antenna's
« on: March 05, 2022, 02:37:48 pm »
Hello Alpha Mike forum members,

I want to try out a wire antenna due to having difficulties with a vertical antenna in my current location.
I have had advice as to three different antenna's and wondering if any of you have experience with these:
Double Bazooka 1/2 wave 11M
Double Zepp 5/8 wave 11M
Almost invisible endfed Kevlar wire 1/2 wave 11M

Interested to read any feedback or experiences.
26AM013 Matthew

Hello Alpha Mike Group,

My name is Matthew, after a break of a few years I have started DX'ing again and very much like to obtain an Alpha Mike callsign.
In my youth I was very active in several of the old DX groups that (as far as i can see) have unfortunately faded out.
One of my proudest moments was become a Mike Echo Whiskey in the old Magnificent Earwigs group.

I am located in Abingdon in the county of Oxfordshire, and if available I would like to request 26AM013.

With kind regards,

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