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Sharing my old Radio


Hi Mates,

Here is my old Rig which am using when I started Enjoying the Hobby and till now the CB Blood runs my vain.
Simply happy getting back to the hobby with my old rig of the year 1978 Royce only with quit a number of local contact made then.

This pandemic of being lock down at home of nothing to do made me dig into my staff seeing my Royce and setting up with a dipole wire with surprise of hearing modulations from local near by stations.

I am extending you all my old CB lingo like Double 8s (88) 73, Truck Loads and All Around which is of all the greetings of Love and Good Luck.

Sonny of the Philippines 79AM080

Very nice radios the Royce's. Here in the UK we have a very similar looking radio sold under the "Mustang" branding, It was FM Mode only, and operating within our strange frequency arrangement from 27.60125 - 27.99125. Thankfully with now have the Mid Band too with all Modes permitted.

I forgot to ask last time you mentioned your dipole antenna, is it horizontal or vertical polarized?

Found a photo of the Mustang UK version. Obviously internally it's completely different chassis used, possibly CyberNet?


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